Press Releases

March 5, 2016
Today the Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) announced the 2016 MVF Board of Directors election results. The results are as follows: Scott Dyer 3,320 Jim Marsh 2,982 Luara Franke 2,316 Neville Levi 1,512 Congratulations to newly elected board members Scott Dyer, Jim Marsh and Laura Franke. The...Read more
June 9, 2016
On June 8, the National Transportation Safety Board released it's findings from the fatal December 2014 plane crash in Gaithersburg. Read the abstract of the NTSB final report here. The probable cause of the crash is stated as follows: The NTSB determines that the probable cause of this accident...Read more
July 19, 2016
The Montgomery Village Foundation (MVF) Board of Directors is seeking a volunteer to serve as Treasurer. After several years of service to the community, Treasurer Beth-Ellen Berry has resigned the position. Responsibilities of the Treasurer include overseeing all accounting and treasury functions...Read more