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  UK CAA Recruiting Non-Executive Director with General Aviation expertise

The CAA are recruiting a non-executive director with general aviation expertise.

Time commitment: 60 day(s) per annum
Remuneration: £25,000 per annum
Length of term: 3 years
Application deadline: 11:59pm on 24 July 2022

Person specification:

To succeed you will have:

  • leadership experience and knowledge of effective governance at a senior level in complex organisations in the private, public or voluntary sectors, preferably at Board level; and

You may have:

  • a background in General Aviation either professional and/or voluntary work

excellent commercial business understanding.

To be successful in this post you should also be able to demonstrate the following attributes which may be explored at interview:

  • strong communication skills, including an ability to offer challenge in a constructive, straightforward and open manner;
  • the ability to challenge and support the development of management and strategic policies by applying relevant private sector approaches and/or experience in a public sector context;
  • the ability to successfully deliver change: experience of transforming business processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness at significantly lower cost;
  • a solid appreciation of risk management: significant experience of assessing and managing risks, including high risk and high value projects and risks with a public interest element;
  • a good understanding of large and complex organisations operating in a political environment with experience in an industry which can draw strong parallels with the business of government, and direct experience of working with Government; and
  • a solid commitment to high ethical standards of integrity and honesty, and an understanding of the value and importance of the Seven Principles of Public Life.
Your role would be to;
  • Provide independent and constructive challenge to the CAA’s executive team to help ensure the CAA delivers its strategic objectives.
You will have;
  • The ability to contribute effectively to the Board over the full breadth of the CAA’s work.
  • Relevant Board level executive or non-executive experience.
Your experience in aviation (and other sectors) will ideally have given you an ability to appreciate and understand:
  • The strategic issues facing General and Business Aviation (essential);
  • A broad range of General Aviation activities (e.g. private, display, heritage, recreational, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, and business other than passenger carriage) (essential);
  • The ability to provide strategic challenge, whilst building consensus with a range of stakeholders (essential);
  • Political awareness and the ability to navigate the political landscape (essential);
  • The role of General Aviation in the development and adoption of innovative technologies such as fuels, remotely piloted air systems, and machine learning (desirable); and
  • Design, manufacture, operational and consumer perspectives of General and Business Aviation (desirable).

Full details can be found here.

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