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Upcoming changes to application form for instructor certificates

As part of improvements to the licence application service, the CAA are reducing the use of paper application forms.

A new online application form (SRG2159)  for the initial issue, variation, revalidation and renewal of instructor certificates has been created. This will soon replace paper (PDF) application forms: SRG1131, SRG1133, SRG1135, and SRG2106.

SRG2159 can be used to apply for the following instructor privileges:

• Class rating instructor (CRI)
• Flight instructor (FI) 
• Flight test instructor (FTI)
• Instrument rating instructor (IRI)
• Mountain rating instructor (MI)
• Multi-crew co-operation instructor (MCCI)
• Synthetic flight instructor (SFI)
• Synthetic training instructor (STI)
• Type rating instructor (TRI)

Applicants for an FI(S) certificate should apply via the BGA.

A new online Instructor Training Course Completion Certificate (CAA5018) has also been created to use with the form and replaces the existing Instructor Course Completion Certificates (CAA5001, CAA5002, CAA5006, and CAA5007).

There will be an 8-week transition period, during which time the CAA will continue to accept the paper forms. From 9th July 2022, PDF forms SRG1131, SRG1133, SRG1135, and SRG2106 and Course Completion Certificates CAA5001, CAA5002, CAA5006, and CAA5007 will be withdrawn.

For more information regarding the online form or what documents will be required for each instructor application, please see the Online applications for instructor privileges webpage.

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