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OFCOM - Decision to vary aircraft and aircraft (transportable) radiocommunications licences

On 18 March 2022, OFCOM published their decision to make some changes to aircraft and aircraft (transportable) licences. The key changes made are to:

  1. update and align the structure and content in current licences with the style and standard terms and conditions applicable to other licence types; and
  2. update and simplify the information we hold on aircraft and radio equipment in our licensing database.

All aircraft and aircraft (transportable) licensees must now comply with all the terms and conditions in their licence document as well as the standard terms and conditions contained in the Wireless Telegraphy Licence Conditions Booklet OfW 597 (PDF, 222.8 KB).

For more information, please read the full
General Notice of Decision to Vary Aircraft and Aircraft (Transportable) Radiocommunications Licences (PDF, 170.6 KB).

As a licensee you do not need to do anything. If you are currently complying with all the terms and conditions of your licence(s) then you will also comply with all the new terms and conditions. OFCOM advise that you will shortly receive your new varied licence via your preferred method of communication.

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