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Ofcom: REMINDER of Proposal to vary aircraft and aircraft (transportable) radiocommunications licences

Ofcom are proposing to make some changes to aircraft and aircraft (transportable) licences.

The main changes we are proposing are to:

update and align the structure and content in current licences with the style and standard terms and conditions applicable to other licence types; and

update and simplify the information we hold on aircraft and radio equipment in our licensing database.

The proposal would make changes such as aligning our aircraft registration details with those held by the Civil Aviation Authority and other aircraft registries, placing all equipment terms and conditions in the schedule of the licence, and simplifying the text relating to when licence fees are due.

Our aim is to improve the way we deliver these licences, by making licensing documentation more meaningful, accessible, and easier to understand. We also want to streamline our licensing processes so that licences are easier to manage in the future.

To deliver these improvements, we need to make administrative and presentational changes to licences. We are not proposing to change the substance of the terms and conditions or licence fees. This means that if licensees are complying with all the current terms and conditions of their licence then they will also comply with all the proposed new terms and conditions.

For more information about our proposed changes, please read the full General Notice of Proposal to Vary Aircraft and Aircraft (Transportable) Radiocommunications Licences (PDF, 523.1 KB).

You do not need to do anything unless you wish to comment on our proposals. You will need to submit any comments by 20 February 2022.

Ofcom will decide whether to proceed with our proposal and publish our decision on our website no later than 18 March 2022. If we decide to proceed with our proposal, we will then begin issuing new licences to all affected licensees.

AOPA Comment:

I have taken part today in a video conference with Ofcom in respect of the proposed changes, which you can read from the General Notice link above.

Ofcom has three key objectives with this proposal which is to:

1. upgrade the existing licencing system and increase efficiency.
2. to have online services with provisions for self service online
3.  to produce simpler cleaner clearer documents that benefit the end user.

Ofcom are looking to complete this exercise by quarter four of 2022 or by the first quarter of 2023.

As a result of Brexit there is a need to tidy up legal documents that still reference the EU, so that the Ofcom documents meet the legal requirements of the UK. There's no substantive change to license holders and there are no planned increases to any fees.

As it is an administrative reform, there is no impact on aircraft owners and use of you radio equipment. The benefit should be in having a more efficient administration of radio licences through Ofcom

Overall, I could see no real objection to the proposed changes. However, if you do have any comment you may let Ofcom know by contacting them by 20 February 2022 using one of the links below. Please copy me in to any comment you make by email to :

Make an enquiry or representation (English)

Make an enquiry or representation (Cymru)

Martin Robinson


18 February 2022


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