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Approved Aircraft Parts in Stock

AOPA has followed up with the CAA  "rumours" posted on a well-known forum along the lines of  "Any EASA approved Spare parts stocked in their stores, obtained after the start of 2020 that are not also FAA approved, will have to be examined by a CAA approved organisation and re certified before use. Massive disruption and ££££ fees of course for a part previously deemed safe now unsafe."

The response from the CAA is:

"The EASA Form 1 is currently a very hot topic, we recently held a industry briefing session as the recognition of the Form 1 ceased on 31 Dec 2021. Due to the comments we took it away and have now extended the recognition until 31 March 2022. This was briefed to industry yesterday afternoon as an update to the first session. There is the ability to go beyond that date but it is dependant on the organisation issuing the Form 1 having made an application for CAA approval (exemptions ORS4 #1515 and #1516 refer).

The EASA Form 1’s issued prior to 31 March 2022 are protected, i.e. they will be acceptable post that date, so covers those items on the shelf.

For used components:

EASA Form 1 dated prior to 31 Dec 2020 – protected by the Aviation Safety SI
EASA Form 1 dated prior to 31 March 2022 – protected by the two exemptions

For new components:

The UK/EU Trade and co-operation agreement specifically recognises new components from the EU with an EASA Form 1 coming into the UK (and new components from the UK with a CAA Form 1 going into the EU), no action is required by the receiving individual or organisation, they can be used on a G registered aircraft.

We are aware that we need to make sure that the message continues past 2022 as it will take time to work the components out of the system. That is something that we are working on."

CAA Update 11 November 2021:

Deadline extension: Recognition of EASA Form 1

Update to the CAA website to change the deadline date for accepting EASA Form 1.

From 1 April 2022, UK owners/operators can only accept an EASA Form 1 from an EU/EASA approved maintenance organisation that has applied for a UK approval by 31 March 2022.

AOPA members get the correct information!

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