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PA28 & PA32: Lower Main Wing Spar Caps Inspection Revised AD

The CAA have published a revision to UK AD G-2021-0002 dated 21 April 2021.

These are the main changes highlighted in the revision (please read the full revision for context) :

Since that AD was issued, several reports have indicated that the required EFSH calculation was not done, incorrectly done, or the inspection was accomplished before accumulating the necessary 5000 EFSH. Accomplishment of an inspection before reaching this threshold does not meet the intent of UK AD G-2021-0002. This also means that the repetitive calculations must be continued,and another inspection accomplished once the 5 000 EFSH thresholdis reached. This AD is revised for awarenessand clarification by introducing a note.An additional note was also included clarifyinginspections carried out in accordance with FAA AD 2020-26-12 before the UK AD was issued.

Note 1:Results of EC inspections accomplished early before reaching the calculated (as required) threshold of 5000 EFSH, whilst providing useful data, are not acceptable to demonstrate compliance with the inspection as required by paragraph (4) of this AD. The wing spars should therefore be inspected once the 5000 EFSH threshold is met in order to comply with this AD.

Note 2: For aircraft with 5000 hours TIS, or incomplete maintenance records, or where either or both of the wing spars exceed the inspection criteria in (4) above, if the inspections detailed in the SB have been completed in the period 16 February 2021 to 3 May 2021 in accordance with FAA AD 2020-26-16, the inspection elements of this CAA AD have been complied with.

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