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Pilot Medical Self-Declaration - Online Application

The CAA have issued the following advice for Pilot Medical Self-Declaration online applicants: 

We have received feedback relating to the printable self-declaration confirmation page in the Cellma medical system.

The printable self-declaration confirmation page does not include the pilot’s name and/or unique reference number and is therefore not visibly associated with the pilot.

While there is no legal obligation to carry the medical self-declaration page, we understand that some pilot’s wish to keep this with their licence for the purposes of evidencing their credentials. In addition, we do appreciate some pilot training organisations providing self-hire perform a basic check of the pilot’s credentials as part of due diligence.

We therefore propose that the pilot print and countersign the medical self-declaration page with the following:

I confirm this pilot medical declaration print out is applicable to me and is correct’

Print Name

CAA Reference Number



This will link the self-declaration approval to the pilot and enable a check of the signature against that of the pilot’s licence for assurance purposes if required.

In addition to this written communication, we will also be providing confirmation of this process on the CAA website.

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