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CAA: 978MHz ADS-B Conspicuity System - Information Gathering Survey 

The CAA has engaged Trax to conduct a short research study to better understand the requirements of existing and potential future Class G airspace users’ regarding the deployment of an ADS-B conspicuity system on frequency 978MHz.

The study forms part of the Electronic Conspicuity (EC) Deployment Programme through which the CAA is collaborating with aviation stakeholders to enable greater integration of all classes of aircraft whilst reducing the likelihood of infringements and mid-air collisions.

The Programme is founded on the principle that the eventual 100% use of interoperable EC solutions (in a given block of airspace) is critical to enable airspace sharing among all current and future user groups. The provision of suitable access to airspace for all users that best serves the nature of their respective operations and maintains high-levels of flight safety and efficiency is a significant challenge. The approach to tackling this challenge is dependent on the ability to share as much airspace as possible – through the integration of users, not more segregation.

The research study aims to gather information about users’ ability and appetite and to participate in an ADS-B 978MHz conspicuity system, and to evaluate the operating environments that may benefit most from the introduction of an additional frequency. 

The survey, which should take no more than 30 minutes to complete, can be accessed through the following link:

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