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COVID-19 Additional Guidance for Instructors

The CAA have advised the follwoing additional guidance for pilots with a current instructional qualification in order to maintain training or currency for their work.

"The current GA guidance in relation to Covid restrictions permits GA flying for the purposes of work, and the CAA has confirmed with the DfT that this includes any activity that is “reasonably necessary” for an individual’s work, where there are no alternative options available.

This would include pilots who need to keep up with required training or currency flights for their work; for example, a professional pilot or any pilot in possession of a current instructional qualification.

Therefore, instructors are permitted to fly to maintain required training or currency. Instructors are not permitted to fly with students, with the exception of professional training as detailed above."

Kind regards,

Mike MacDonald

Head of Policy and External Relations
General Aviation Unit
Civil Aviation Authority

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