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CAA: Airspace Classification update

The UK CAA have published an update on progress in its procedure to review the classification of airspace.

The CAA have identified 55 distinct airspace volumes from the consultation responses received in March 2020. All airspace volumes, and their supporting commentary, are in the process of being considered to determine which can be taken forward for further review, and what form this will take. The review will identify those areas which have the potential of moving them to the "Amend" phase.

Of the volumes proposed, the majority mentioned airspace volumes that sit within an existing Airspace Change Proposal (ACP). Where the ACP is in Stages 1-4 of the CAP 1616 process, the comments will be passed to the relevant Change Sponsors for their consideration as set out below.

  • Where the comments refer to airspace volumes that sit within an ACP in the latter stages of the CAP 1616 process, we will examine whether the airspace volume proposed is “sufficiently distinct” so as to qualify for review under this process.
  • A number of the volumes proposed lie within restricted airspace used by the Military and changes to this airspace has the potential to have a detrimental impact on Military operations. These comments have been shared with the MoD as the designated Controlling Authority.

A final plan of airspace volumes to be taken through to the "Amend" phase will be released in March 2021.

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