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AVGAS Duty Increase from 1 January 2021

From 1 January 2021 the rate of duty on AVGAS wil be raised from £0.3770 per litre to £0.3820 per litre, a rise of 0.5 p per litre (0.6 p per litre including VAT).

The Government reasoning behind this rise:

EU Single Market provisions in the Energy Taxation Directive set a minimum level of duty on leaded petrol used for propulsion of 42.1 euro-cents per litre, and Single Market members should ensure their national rate of taxation complies with the minimum rate in euros using the exchange rate as it stands in October.

The Northern Ireland Protocol requires this provision to be followed in Northern Ireland; there is no requirement post-transition for this EU measure to be implemented in Great Britain.

After careful consideration, and on balance, the UK Government has decided that there are merits in consistency across the United Kingdom, to avoid burdens on business and reduce compliance risks for HMRC; the measure will therefore increase the excise duty payable on Avgas across the UK.

The full document can be read here.



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