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London Biggin Hill ACP - RNAV (GNSS) Runway 21

London Biggin Hill Airport (LBHA) has embarked on a process to change the airspace arrangements around the airport. This process is known as an Airspace Change Process (ACP). The process requires active engagement with stakeholders throughout, and this webpage has been developed to help this process. It contains relevant information which will help stakeholders as we actively seek your feedback, positive and negative.

This Airspace Change is titled RNAV (GNSS) Runway 21 and has been allocated the reference ACP-2019-86 by the CAA.  Details can be viewed on the CAA Airspace Change Portal.
This change process has been started for 2 reasons:

  • It is a requirement in order to be compliant with EASA Regulatory requirements detailed within IR (EU) 20 18/10 48, and in doing so, will meet the requirements within the CAA Airspace Modernisation Strategy.
  • If successful, it will also add a layer of resilience to the airport operation by providing a second instrument approach in the event that the current procedure is unavailable.

We are progressing this change in accordance with the formal guidance from the CAA detailed in CAP 1616.  The process consists of 7 stages as shown below; we have completed Step 1A and we are currently in Stage 1, at Step 1B.

AOPA invites members to comment on this ACP and let AOPA know if any concerns:

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