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Temporary Danger Area in Cambridgeshire - Consultation

SenSat are asking for opinions on the proposed Temporary Danger Area (‘TDA’) between Huntingdon and Cambridge between 8th April and 10th May 2019 which will form a vital part of the UK Pathfinder Project.

This Pathfinder project is funded by Innovate UK and aims to accelerate the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, operating Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS), to enable UK businesses to access wider inspection and surveying capabilities of this smart technology. Unlocking beyond line of sight (BVLOS) capabilities means reducing delivery and operational costs for linear infrastructure and gathering data to provide actionable infrastructure information.

The details of the proposed TDA are as follows:

The proposed TDA will be located between Huntingdon and Cambridge. The TDA will include permanent and temporary deconfliction measures with local stakeholders and other air space users. All stakeholders’ views and comments will be considered when finalising the proposed TDA.

cambridgeshire tda

Altitude: SFC - 500ft AGL
Dates: 8th April - 10th May 2019
Usage: Daylight hours (0900 - 1700)
Activation: Via NOTAM (48 hours in advance)


  • SenSat will operate within specified sections of the TDA, allowing other air users to pass through safely where necessary (upon request to the Remote Pilot)
  • As far as possible, SenSat will accommodate the requests of other air users to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum
  • During emergency/temporary situations, the drone can be placed into smaller ‘holding zones’ to allow air traffic to pass safely
  • Activation of TDA will be within short windows, specified via NOTAM (at least 48 hours before) to avoid long term disruption
  • TDA has an altitude extent of 500ft AGL (to allow for 100ft buffer)
  • TDA is kept to a minimum size to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum for other airspace users
  • SenSat will employ the use of an ADS-B receiver as well as other UTM platforms which allows SenSat to track other aircraft within the vicinity of our operations. This will help mitigate against conflict
  • It is proposed that SenSat will use Cambridge ATC to communicate the status of the TDA with general airspace users

You can read the full proposal here.

How to submit your feedback

The consultation will close on Thursday 31st January 2019.

You can access the consultation form here.

If you are an AOPA UK member you can also let us know your views by email to


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