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Will your flying be affected by BREXIT?

In the event of the UK leaving EASA when it exits the EU, your flying outside the UK is likely to be affected and you may need to take some action to protect your privileges where this is possible.

If you have not already read it, Chris Whittaker, former Head of Licensing and Training Policy at the UK CAA, has written an article in Flight Training News which describes the situation facing pilots should the government fail to negotiate an agreement with the EU concerning continued membership of EASA. If you are concerned about the possible impact on you, as a commercial or private pilot or instructor, read the article here.

LAPL holders should note that, if the UK leaves EASA, their privileges will be valid only for flying UK-registered aircraft in UK airspace.  You may wish to make your MP aware of this; if so,  see here to contact your local MP.

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