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Aviation 2050 — the future of UK aviation

The (UK) Department for Transport has opened a consultation on the future of UK Aviation. This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 11 April 2019.

The Department for Transport is seeking feedback on its green paper which outlines proposals for a new aviation strategy. The strategy will set out the challenges and opportunities for aviation to 2050 and beyond and will emphasise the significance of aviation to the UK economy and regional growth.

The strategy will focus on:

  • developing a partnership for sustainable growth which meets rising passenger demand, balanced with action to reduce environmental and community impacts
  • improving the passenger experience, including through technology and innovation, a new passenger charter and action to reduce delays at the border
  • building on the UK’s success to establish new connections across the world and create greater choice for consumers

Don't be fooled by these bland words and think that this is only about Commercial Air Traffic. There are significant proposals included that would, if implemented, affect General Aviation in the future, including:

  • mandatory identification of all aircraft in UK airspace
  • civil sanctions for Air Navigation Order offences

Additional supporting documents have also been published. These include General Aviation reports.

There is some welcome content with the mention of VAT relief on pilot training, continued working with EASA to develop a proportionate regulatory framework for GA and review the proportionality of the safety regime.

NOW is the time to join AOPA  to help ensure that there is a strong GA response to the proposals, even if it is for the benefit of the next generation of GA Aircraft Owners and Pilots.

A final white paper version of the aviation strategy will be published by the middle of 2019.

AOPA members can give their views on the proposals to

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