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United Kingdom

AOPA UK is different to the other GA Organisations in the UK:

  • We are totally independent of any external influence other than our members views
  • We are not a quasi regulator operating under the auspices of the CAA
  • We view General Aviation as a whole entity, an ecosystem in which all parts are in some way dependent on the existence the other parts. It can adapt to change over time, but not to sudden and damaging change in one part, which can be an extinction event for other parts of the ecosystem that is GA.


  • you can only fly a maximum 2 seat sub 1000 kg aircraft
  • there are only grass strips or large airports, you favourite airfield is a housing estate
  • you cannot get Avgas
  • you are restricted to low level and narrow corridors around controlled airspace
  • your EASA or Avgas powered aircraft is suddenly rendered unviable
  • there are fewer or no EASA light aircraft maintainers

Without AOPA UK pressing for considered and careful change in the rules, and UK only derogations, this could be the unintended consequence.

AOPA will continue to lobby for a balanced and proportionate approach, based on demonstrable need, that allows the whole of the GA community to flourish.

To achieve our goals, in the UK we regularly engage with:

  • CAA
  • NATS
  • Department for Transport
  • Home Office
  • Local Government
  • Airfield Operators
  • Training Organisations

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